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Meadow Brook Hall Wedding, Rochester, MI: Colby and Bryan

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On July 19th, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the wedding of my good friends Colby and Bryan. I met Colby while working with Teach For America in Eastern North Carolina, when she became my Manager, Teacher Leadership Development. I am really lucky to have had an MTLD who became a friend, and especially grateful that she and Bryan chose me to document such an important time in their lives: their engagement, wedding, and hopefully babies and other milestones in the future!

I traveled to Michigan a few days before their Friday wedding and got to spend some quality time with Colby’s family and some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen (which made the wedding even more fun having gotten to know everyone!). I was hoping to escape Boston’s heat wave, but it was just as hot all week in Michigan, and we were watching the forecasts closely hoping the chance of thunderstorms for Friday would go down. The outdoor ceremony was postponed during a brief shower, but in a wedding miracle, we got all the photos done outside! The Meadow Brook grounds are so beautiful, it would have been a shame to be limited to indoor shots. The bride and groom looked stunning, and their families and the bridal party made for a really fun celebration. Thank you all for being so welcoming! I’m so glad to have been a part of such a special day!


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Love when brides have unique shoes!

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Annnnd here’s a bonus shot of the groomsmen giving me their best “blue steel”

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Bryan’s expression as he sees Colby for the first time is so sweet!


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First stolen moment as husband and wife

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The bridal party certainly had some fun entering the tent!


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Thank you again to Colby and Bryan and their families! I had so much fun in Michigan with all of you!

Vendors that helped make this such a beautiful day:

Venue: Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester, MI

Dress: Elizabeth’s Bridal Manor

Hair: Glitz Salon

Makeup: Bella Blush

Flowers: Bill Hamilton Designs

Ceremony Music: Ryan James (cousin of the groom)

DJ: Mike Staff Productions


Medoc Mountain Engagement Session: Colby and Bryan

The week before Christmas I had the pleasure to shoot Colby and Bryan’s engagement session at Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, NC. (I LOVE that it’s warm enough to shoot outside in late December!) It was my first time to the park, which is about half an hour away from where we live in Roanoke Rapids, and I will definitely be going back to hike more of the trails and enjoy the scenery! Colby is my Manager, Teacher Leadership Development in Teach for America, and Bryan is a Roanoke Rapids police officer. But they didn’t meet here in NC. They started dating three years ago in Michigan, meeting through Colby’s little sister and Bryan’s little brother, who were dating at the time. Bryan proposed just a couple weeks ago back in Michigan, and they’ll be married there this summer. They were such a fun couple to photograph! Bryan kept Colby (and me) laughing through the whole session, and that, combined with their obvious love for each other, created such natural photographs. The fact that they could both quit their day jobs and become models didn’t hurt either 😉

I had SUCH a hard time narrowing down my favorites from this shoot, but here are a few!

c&b collage1

colbybryan2012blog 1

colbybryan2012blog 5

Thanks to the iPhone panorama feature!

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c&b collage5

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Lance and Johanna: Weldon, NC Engagement Portraits

I’ve been neglecting this blog recently. A friend of a friend I met yesterday who is a second year high school music teacher summed up the second year of teaching perfectly. Your first year you can get by measuring success just by whether you are surviving or not. Second year, since you know what you’re doing, you really have to hold yourself and your students more accountable for your goals and start accomplishing them. So, even though my second year has been so much easier in many ways, I find myself working a lot harder and pushing myself and my students much further than I did last year.

Unfortunately that has meant neglecting posting here. But that stops now, because I have two engagement sessions to share with you all. The session I’m posting now was shot in October (see what I mean about how shamefully I’ve been neglecting this blog!), and the other I shot just the other day and will be shared soon.

Anyway, Jo is a 2012 Corps Member in the ENC TFA corps with me, and she and Lance moved to Roanoke Rapids so Jo could teach middle school in Weldon. They are also the proud parents of the cutest Corgi puppy, Fox, who you’ll see in a couple of the photos. Lance and Johanna are getting married right here in Weldon, which I think is so so cool, at an old mill. So it was very fitting that we did their engagement portraits in and around downtown historic Weldon. Take a look at some of my favorite shots.

LanceandJoblog 1

LanceandJoblog 3

LanceandJoblog 4

LanceandJoblog 7

LanceandJoblog 5

LanceandJoblog 18

LanceandJoblog 9


LanceandJoblog 10

LanceandJoblog 11

LanceandJoblog 12

LanceandJoblog 15

Weldon Engagement: Evan and Kalie

On my drive to and from work each day, I see fields and old broken down buildings and train tracks and think “I would love to shoot photos there…or there…or THERE!” So when Evan asked if I would shoot his engagement portraits, I knew I wanted to take him and his fiance, Kalie, to downtown historic Weldon. I met Evan this past summer at Teach For America Induction. He teaches 5th grade at another elementary school in my county. In one of the first conversations I had with him, I remember him telling me and a group of other girls about wanting to propose to Kalie over Christmas, and all the girls just swooning over how he talked about his future fiance. And propose over Christmas he did! Which leads us to this e-session.