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Meadowbrook Hall Wedding, Rochester, MI: Lauren and Billy – Sneak Peek

I’m blessed that my wonderful friends Lauren and Billy asked me to capture their gorgeous wedding at Meadowbrook Hall in Michigan a couple weeks ago. I have so many photos I want to share from that day, but here’s a sneak peek while I’m going through the rest!


The bride and groom’s first stolen moment as husband and wife in some dreamy lens flare!


The really made my job easy!


Jessica and Zack: Fort Fisher, NC engagement sneak peek

Jessica and Zack made a special day trip from Wake Forest for their engagement session. I had just shot at Fort Fisher a few weeks before and was so inspired by the location, so I was excited when they chose that spot, too. It’s fun shooting at the same location and trying to get different shots and angles than before. I am obsessed with this session and cannot wait to share more, but enjoy these two teasers for now!

JessZacksneak 001

JessZacksneak 002

Meadow Brook Hall Wedding Sneak: Colby and Bryan

A little over a week ago I had an amazing time shooting the wedding of my good friends Colby and Bryan in Rochester, MI. All I’ve wanted to do since the wedding is get working on their photos, but I’m also in the process of moving into a new apartment in Wilmington, NC. Then my new place was having electrical issues in the room where my desk is, and I couldn’t turn on my computer without tripping the surge (or whatever the correct term is – it’s just wasn’t working!). So while I was waiting for the maintenance guy to come back and fix it, I had my desktop computer on the floor of my new living room, which was not very comfortable. But, I just couldn’t wait to look through the photos and share at least one! More will come soon now that they have thankfully figured out the problem, replaced some outlets, and I can finally work at my desk. So anyway, here is the sneak you came to see!

This is in the Matilda Room at Meadow Brook Hall. Is Colby not the most flawless bride??

colbyandbryan2013_blog 001



When I wrote in their engagement post that Colby and Bryan could be models, I wasn’t kidding! More photos from this gorgeous wedding will be coming soon!

Sneak Peek: Kyle and Mackenzie

It’s days like yesterday that completely reaffirm my passion for photography, and my knowledge that I definitely don’t want to be a teacher much longer. While I should have been lesson planning and/or grading, I couldn’t help look through yesterday’s shoot and share just a couple of shots with you. Thank you Kyle and Mackenzie for such a great day on the Outer Banks yesterday! So many more of my favorites to come later!

KyleMackenzie2013_blog 1

KyleMackenzie2013_blog 2