Crista and Joren: Jacksonville, NC Homecoming Photography

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I met Crista when we both started as new teachers at our school, about two weeks before her husband Joren deployed. For the next 7 months, I heard about how amazing Joren is and how much Crista missed him every day. I was thrilled when Crista asked me to photograph Joren’s homecoming so I could meet this guy I had heard so much about and see Crista’s deployment countdown finally come to an end! I am so happy my friend has her husband back and happy to share their homecoming story with all of you!



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Sweet texts from Joren as he got closer and closer 🙂

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Above is when the buses mistakenly came into the parking lot an hour and a half early and then drove away again because they still had to drop some stuff off. And I thought Crista was going to have a heart attack.

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Lots of waiting!

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Finally here and actually getting off this time!

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Which one is he they all look the same?!

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Welcome home, Joren!