Susan and Brittany | Engagement | Yates Mill, Raleigh, NC

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It was such a pleasure working with Susan and Brittany!

I hadn’t shot at Yates Mill before, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to explore with a wonderful couple. They were naturals in front of the camera, and the fact that they genuinely enjoyed their time together shows in the picture.

Susan and Brittany are getting married next November. Happy engagement ladies!

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The light under this bridge was just ::chef’s kiss::

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I stood in a thorn bush to get these lake shots. Life of a photog!

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Do they not look like catalog models in the above shot?? Straight out of L.L. Bean!

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Jessica and Zack: Fort Fisher, NC Engagement

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Jessica and Zack have one of the coolest engagement stories I’ve heard. Zack told Jess he had planned a camping trip for the two of them over 4th of July weekend. He proposed while they were on a hike, and so excited, Jess told everyone they passed on the way back down. Crazily enough, one of the couples they ran into were photographers and did an impromptu proposal session for them. Then Zack led her back to a cabin filled with family and friends, including Jess’s mom from out of state, to celebrate the occasion with them! Amazing job Zack!

I am absolutely obsessed with this shoot. I had so much fun at Fort Fisher with these two, and loved the style and personality they brought to the session! It was so hard to pick favorites for this post, but here are some of them!

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Jessica and Zack: Fort Fisher, NC engagement sneak peek

Jessica and Zack made a special day trip from Wake Forest for their engagement session. I had just shot at Fort Fisher a few weeks before and was so inspired by the location, so I was excited when they chose that spot, too. It’s fun shooting at the same location and trying to get different shots and angles than before. I am obsessed with this session and cannot wait to share more, but enjoy these two teasers for now!

JessZacksneak 001

JessZacksneak 002

Fort Fisher Engagement, Kure Beach, NC: Lauren and Adam

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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session at Fort Fisher for the first time. I shot a newborn session on the beach side in the spring, but when Adam, Lauren and I arrived at Fort Fisher for our e-session, there was a wedding going on! Luckily all wasn’t lost, and we found some amazing spots over on the sound side of the park. And we even got some sunset beach shots once the wedding was over! Lauren and Adam crack me up, and I had so much fun shooting their engagement photos and enjoying an awesome dinner at Ogden Tap Room afterward. Here are some of my favorite shots from that evening.

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Fort Fisher Engagement: Lauren and Adam – Sneak Peek

Last weekend I had a blast with Lauren and Adam exploring the sound side of Fort Fisher State Park in Kure Beach, NC during their engagement session. I’d never been to that side of the park before, and it reminded me of the last time I shot at the Outer Banks. The light was beautiful, and I can’t wait to shoot at this location again. Having such a fun couple there with me didn’t hurt either 🙂 Lauren and Adam brought their sweet dogs along for the shoot, too! Enjoy this sneak, and check back soon for the full post!

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Historic Halifax Engagement: Beth and Scott

A couple weeks ago I shot Beth and Scott’s engagement session in Historic Halifax, NC. Halifax is another area that you can tell must have been awesome back when it was flourishing, but is now all but abandoned, except for a couple businesses.

Beth is a fellow Teach For America Corps Member, and was actually one of the first people I met in TFA, since we were roommates at Induction. So it was nice to be able to kind of come full circle and do her engagement shoot at the end of our 2-year commitment. Here are  a few of my favorite shots!

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Kyle and Mackenzie: Outer Banks Engagement

Kyle is a friend of mine who is also a TFA teacher in ENC. When I found out he got engaged around Christmas, my first thought was “I HOPE he asks me to do his engagement pictures!” And sure enough, he called me a few weeks later, and I was thrilled! Not only because Kyle is both handsome and hilarious and I was sure he and his new fiance would be fun to photograph, but also because he said they wanted to shoot on the Outer Banks! I had only been to Kill Devil Hills for a teacher conference last year, and it rained the whole weekend so we didn’t get to see much. So, having lived in NC for a year and a half and never having explored the beauty of the Outer Banks, I was so excited to take some photos there!

A couple weekends ago we did just that. North Carolina has been unseasonably cold this year, and it was even colder by the ocean. While I was bundled up in a sweatshirt and Northface with my hood up, Kyle and Mackenzie braved the cold in their outfits like absolute pros! It was all worth it though, because they couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location. I felt like I was taking promo shots for a new Nicholas Sparks movie. This is the kind of North Carolina I moved here for!!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots! (And after a full day of shooting, it was very hard to choose!)


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Did I forget to mention how awesome Mackenzie is? I was so happy I got to meet her!

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They were just workin’ it in front of this lighthouse!

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k&mblog 1014

I just love how adoringly Kyle looks at Mackenzie in this shot below!

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Nicholas Sparks, if you need inspiration for your next book, I’ll just leave this righttttt here.

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Thank you, iPhone 4s for your panorama feature.

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Thanks for a great day, Mackenzie and Kyle! I had so much fun with both of you!

Sneak Peek: Kyle and Mackenzie

It’s days like yesterday that completely reaffirm my passion for photography, and my knowledge that I definitely don’t want to be a teacher much longer. While I should have been lesson planning and/or grading, I couldn’t help look through yesterday’s shoot and share just a couple of shots with you. Thank you Kyle and Mackenzie for such a great day on the Outer Banks yesterday! So many more of my favorites to come later!

KyleMackenzie2013_blog 1

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Medoc Mountain Engagement Session: Colby and Bryan

The week before Christmas I had the pleasure to shoot Colby and Bryan’s engagement session at Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, NC. (I LOVE that it’s warm enough to shoot outside in late December!) It was my first time to the park, which is about half an hour away from where we live in Roanoke Rapids, and I will definitely be going back to hike more of the trails and enjoy the scenery! Colby is my Manager, Teacher Leadership Development in Teach for America, and Bryan is a Roanoke Rapids police officer. But they didn’t meet here in NC. They started dating three years ago in Michigan, meeting through Colby’s little sister and Bryan’s little brother, who were dating at the time. Bryan proposed just a couple weeks ago back in Michigan, and they’ll be married there this summer. They were such a fun couple to photograph! Bryan kept Colby (and me) laughing through the whole session, and that, combined with their obvious love for each other, created such natural photographs. The fact that they could both quit their day jobs and become models didn’t hurt either 😉

I had SUCH a hard time narrowing down my favorites from this shoot, but here are a few!

c&b collage1

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Thanks to the iPhone panorama feature!

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Colby and Bryan Engagement: Sneak Peek

I had the pleasure of shooting Colby and Bryan’s engagement photos at Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, NC. They are such a gorgeous couple, and I just couldn’t resist posting a sneak peek of their session! Look for the full post coming soon!


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