Sarah and Stephen – Wilmington, NC Wedding

sarahstephen2013_blog 031

I was very excited to shoot my first Wilmington wedding last month! Stephen’s brother is a parent volunteer in my art class, and, while washing the paintbrushes, it came up that I was also a photographer, and Stephen was in need of one. I had a lot of fun photographing such a lively celebration. Even though there were about 300 people in attendance, it seemed like they were all close friends! This wedding was definitely fit for a Pinterest board – Sarah and her family had put so much thought into all of the wonderful details, which are so often one of my favorite parts of a wedding. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.


sarahstephen2013_blog 007


sarahstephen2013_blog 014

sarahstephen2013_blog 010

sarahstephen2013_blog 012


sarahstephen2013_blog 004

sarahstephen2013_blog 006

The first time I met with Stephen and Sarah, Stephen asked if we could recreate a photo he saw on Pinterest where the groomsmen looked like they were running for their lives, and the photographer had superimposed a T-Rex in the background. That’s when I knew these groomsmen would be fun! (That photo will be posted at a later date.)

sarahstephen2013_blog 016

Sarah and Stephen wanted to do a kind of a “first look” before the ceremony, except without looking!

sarahstephen2013_blog 022

sarahstephen2013_blog 023

sarahstephen2013_blog 028

I love how you can tell Stephen is giving Sarah a look here, even though you can only see a tiny part of his face!

sarahstephen2013_blog 026

This was a unique wedding for me in that there was no music, but the singers on stage performed some wonderful a cappella throughout the ceremony.

sarahstephen2013_blog 025

sarahstephen2013_blog 027

sarahstephen2013_blog 029

sarahstephen2013_blog 030

sarahstephen2013_blog 032

We took plenty of nice family portraits, but I couldn’t help posting this on. The two goobers in the front right are my students.


sarahstephen2013_blog 039


sarahstephen2013_blog 040


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