Susan and Brittany | Engagement | Yates Mill, Raleigh, NC

SusanBrittanyblog 012

It was such a pleasure working with Susan and Brittany!

I hadn’t shot at Yates Mill before, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to explore with a wonderful couple. They were naturals in front of the camera, and the fact that they genuinely enjoyed their time together shows in the picture.

Susan and Brittany are getting married next November. Happy engagement ladies!

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The light under this bridge was just ::chef’s kiss::

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I stood in a thorn bush to get these lake shots. Life of a photog!

SusanBrittanyblog 013

SusanBrittanyblog 015

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SusanBrittanyblog 019

Do they not look like catalog models in the above shot?? Straight out of L.L. Bean!

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Liz and Dale // Haw River Ballroom Wedding, Saxapahaw, NC

LizDaleBlog_ 042

Liz and Dale were married on May 5th, 2018 at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC.

I’ve known these two since 2011 when we did Teach For America together. Even though I’ve known them for the whole time they’ve been together, I didn’t truly know the extent of their love story until their wedding day.

Seeing them interact throughout the day, hearing their vows, and the stories Vichi and Jay shared while they officiated the ceremony, I was touched by the sheer amount of love and respect they have for one another.

I’m so honored they asked me to document their wedding and allowed me to spend the day with their families and all of the friends that became like family to us during TFA.

LizDaleBlog_ 063

LizDaleBlog_ 062

LizDaleBlog_ 061

Part of the Chinese tradition is for the bridesmaids to require the groom to perform different tasks to gain entrance to the house. Dale had to do some pushups, dance moves, and answer questions about Liz. He eventually Venmo-ed each bridesmaid $88.88 as a bribe so he could come in!

At the beginning of their day, Liz and Dale held a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. From information Liz’s sister Sarah put together: “The tea ceremony is one of the most significant events to celebrate the occasion. It includes formal introductions of the bride and groom and shoes respect to their elders for all the years of love and care.”

LizDaleBlog_ 057

“Tea is served to elder honorees with two hands. Each honoree receives separate tea from the bride and groom.”

Elders present the bride and groom with jewelry and red envelopes (called “lai see” in Hong Kong and “hong bao” in other areas of China) containing monetary gifts, usually in amounts like $88 or with $0.88 added.

LizDaleBlog_ 060

LizDaleBlog_ 056

After the tea ceremony, Liz started to get ready for the American ceremony.

LizDaleBlog_ 051

LizDaleBlog_ 049

LizDaleBlog_ 048

LizDaleBlog_ 047

Liz and Dale chose to do a first look, since they’d already seen each other that morning, which made for a smooth and relaxed day in terms of getting all the photos they wanted!

LizDaleBlog_ 044

LizDaleBlog_ 043

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A rare instance in which I get out from behind the camera! It was so fun to be here with so many TFA alum. I think we had from a 1997 corps member to a 2018 CM!

LizDaleBlog_ 016

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Meadowbrook Hall Wedding, Rochester, MI // Lauren and Billy


Lauren and Billy met years ago when they were both working a wedding at Meadowbrook Hall. So although they now live here in North Carolina, it was fitting to travel back to Michigan and get married in the same place their love story began.

I had so much fun being back with Lauren’s extended family (I shot Lauren’s sister Colby’s wedding back in 2013), and it was great to meet Billy’s family for the first time. Lauren and Billy’s ceremony was the first ever in the front circle of Meadowbrook, with the historic facade of the building as a beautiful backdrop.

It was a gorgeous day for a wedding, and I loved reliving it while editing these images. Congratulations Lauren and Billy!

















Meadowbrook Hall Wedding, Rochester, MI: Lauren and Billy – Sneak Peek

I’m blessed that my wonderful friends Lauren and Billy asked me to capture their gorgeous wedding at Meadowbrook Hall in Michigan a couple weeks ago. I have so many photos I want to share from that day, but here’s a sneak peek while I’m going through the rest!


The bride and groom’s first stolen moment as husband and wife in some dreamy lens flare!


The really made my job easy!

Endicott Park, Danvers MA, Maternity – Sam and Matt

SamMattblog_ 009

While I was back in Massachusetts for Christmas, I had so much fun shooting Sam and Matt’s maternity session. Sam and I have been friends since we were five years old in Mrs. Palmer’s kindergarten class at St. Mary’s. We trick-or-treated together and spent countless afternoons playing with our Beanie Babies and making up dance routines to Tearin’ Up My Heart. We caused trouble in the back of David Allen’s psychology class, celebrated proms and graduations, and she’s still my only friend that can get away with calling my mom by her first name.

I’m so happy for you, Sam, and so excited I was able to capture this amazing new adventure in your life! I can’t wait to meet and spoil baby Amelia! Matt, your life will never be boring with these ladies 🙂

SamMattblog_ 008

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Raleigh, NC Engagement Photographer: JC Raulston Arboretum, Lauren and Billy

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 721

I’m so excited to finally share Lauren and Billy’s full post!

When I first learned that Billy had proposed, I was crossing my fingers that they would choose me as their wedding photographer. I’ve been close with Lauren’s family since my second year living in North Carolina, when I became friends with her sister Colby. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share in such an important life moment for Lauren. These two are beautiful people inside and out, and were just naturals in front of the camera. I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding next summer in Michigan!

It was really hard to choose my favorites to post today, but I wanted to start with the image below. This was the tone of our whole session, and basically what Billy and Lauren looked like in between each of my other shots!

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 715

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 718

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 717

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 716

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 719

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 720

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 722

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LaurenBillyE2015_blog 724

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 725

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LaurenBillyE2015_blog 714

LaurenBillyE2015_blog 726

JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh NC Engagement – Lauren and Billy Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of Billy and Lauren at the NC State Arboretum! Are these two gorgeous or what?! This shoot was so fun, and I can’t wait to edit and share the rest.

LaurenBillyE2015_sneak 715

LaurenBillyE2015_sneak 714

Check back for their full post soon! I can’t wait to share more of their beautiful images!

Raleigh, NC Engagement, JC Raulston Arboretum: Emily and Keith

emilykeithblog 003

Back in July I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow Syracuse alumni, Emily and Keith, at the NC State Arboretum in Raleigh. It was so fun to hear their story of meeting and falling in love on campus, and starting their new life together here in Raleigh. This was my first time shooting at the arboretum, and it was an incredible place to explore. There were so many unique little spots, awesome structures, and beautiful scenery to compliment a great couple. Emily and Keith brought along a few props as well, making for some sweet photos.

emilykeithblog 011

emilykeithblog 010

emilykeithblog 009

emilykeithblog 007

emilykeithblog 008

emilykeithblog 002

emilykeithblog 005

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Durham Engagement Photographer, Duke Gardens: Amber and Scott

AmberScottblog 005

I met Amber and Scott at the beautiful Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC on what was possibly the most humid evening of the summer. I’m not sure I’ve ever sweat so much or gotten so many mosquito bites on a shoot. But let me tell you, these two were absolute troopers! They kept their sense of humor the whole time, with the help of Amber’s daughter cracking jokes and calling out “smoochy-smoochy” whenever I asked them to kiss 🙂

I’m excited to photograph Amber and Scott’s wedding at the Weldon Country Club in November!

AmberScottblog 002

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AmberScottblog 003

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Lake Gaston, Henrico, NC Wedding: Cindy and Brian

cindybrian2015_blog 016

Back when I was a TFA corps member living in Roanoke Rapids, I spent as much time as possible on Lake Gaston. Laying out on the dock, lazy Sundays reading on the lawn, jet skiing on Memorial Day Weekend, or jumping into the lake in the middle of February for our polar bear plunge (never again!) – my favorite memories were made there. Needless to say, when Cindy and Brian told me their wedding would be at Celebrations on Lake Gaston, I was thrilled!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The weather had been threatening rain all week, but we lucked out and had a perfect sunny and 70s day. Their timeline was a photographer’s dream! They chose to do a first look, so we had plenty of time to take some beautiful portraits on the dock before the ceremony. Cindy and Brian did an amazing job planning this intimate ceremony and reception! I loved all of their small personal details, like the groomsmen’s Star Wars socks, the Moleskine notebooks they used to read their vows, and including the bridal party in part of their vows. I had never seen a “topless tent” before, but as the sun set over the lake and the string lights and chandeliers came on, it definitely went on my personal wedding idea list!

See some of my favorite shots below!


I was obsessed with this couch!


cindybrian2015_blog 006

cindybrian2015_blog 011

cindybrian2015_blog 012

cindybrian2015_blog 013

cindybrian2015_blog 2854

cindybrian2015_blog 2855

cindybrian2015_blog 2856

cindybrian2015_blog 014

cindybrian2015_blog 015

All the guys here are miming “way to go,” the girls are making a shocked face, and then there’s Jenna. Love when my bridal parties get silly!

cindybrian2015_blog 018

Here’s my favorite couch again. Cindy and Brian don’t look half bad either! (Seriously though, isn’t she a stunning bride??)

cindybrian2015_blog 017

cindybrian2015_blog 009

cindybrian2015_blog 027

cindybrian2015_blog 025

cindybrian2015_blog 028


cindybrian2015_blog 032

Gator chomp!

cindybrian2015_blog 034

cindybrian2015_blog 036

cindybrian2015_blog 035

cindybrian2015_blog 038

cindybrian2015_blog 001


What what did I tell you about that topless tent? Gorgeous!

cindybrian2015_blog 046

cindybrian2015_blog 047

Thanks for choosing me to document your day, Cindy and Brian! I had a blast!

Other vendors include:

Venue: Celebrations on Lake Gaston, Henrico, NC

Wedding Planner, Flowers, Catering, Rentals: Exquisite Occasions

Hair and Makeup: Renaissance Spa and Salon, Roanoke Rapids, NC

Cake: Bakery and Simply Divine Cakes, Roanoke Rapids, NC

Music: Timothy Cummings

Dress: David’s Bridal